Jake Paul vs Ben Askren – It Could Be Surprising to See MMA Star to Procure Odd Technique of Boxing

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We have seen such surprising things lately in the world of sport, especially boxing. But from one surprising thing to another, we are pretty excited to see the popular names get involved in the boxing match.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

Yes, we are talking about Jake Paul vs Ben Askren. Both of them are amateurs in the boxing world. But what makes the showdown super is the big names of these fighters.

Although it is still far away from the moment of truth of the event, fans have been sharing their concern if the MMA star would show off the odd boxing technique.

As we know, Ben Askren is not an actual professional boxer. During his career, he never pops up as a boxer. The fans from the MMA world are hoping that Ben Askren can pull this through when he shares the same ring with Jake Paul later.

For those who haven’t known, Ben Askren was the former Bellator and the UFC Fighter.
In the upcoming bout, he is going to take on YouTube sensation Jake Paul in a professional boxing match.

For this boat alone, the officials have made an official announcement about the date of the event which will take place on April 17.

The upcoming fight will be under the Triller banner.

In his training session Askren installed a customized heavy bag with Paul’s face on it. So We won’t neglect the fact that Ben Askren is a great fighter. He holds world titles of the ONE Fighting Championship and Bellator. These achievements alone have proven him to be the thrilling opponent for Jake Paul. But once again, he has never professionally performed as a boxer before. Because of that reason, many of his fans worried about him.
Although he has such great experience in the cage, the ring is a completely different environment for him.
Meanwhile, Paul has experience in the boxing world. Back then in November 2019, he knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson.

The other concern is probably because of the fact that Jake Paul is training with Jorge Masvidal, the UFC fighter who knocked Ben Askren out in five seconds back in 2019.

So, it can be tricky to see the potential that is going on when the fight takes place between these two names.
There are some fans on social media, especially Twitter who worried that the champion could be having a difficulty in the ring.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren